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Our certification process

We enable your company to be verified and vetted for renewable energy usage, online.

    By being a paid up compliant subscriber you are able to receive your unique certificate to brand your products renewable energy compliant.
  • We accommodate blended installations, solar, biogas, wind, geo-thermal and hydro electric.
  • We measure your renewable usage, and synchronise it with our online compliance database.
  • We grow public awareness of responsible energy usage, and are increasing corporate recognition of renewable usage.
  • We elevate our customers social footprint.

We evaluate your renewable energy projects relative to your energy consumption with our chosen technical partners. We collate this data and send through to our energy management partners to assist you with your renewable energy compliance.

Once a member, your chamber with its accredited compliance certificate issuers will evaluate your renewable energy generation and award you with an annual compliance report and unique signature certificate to brand all your products and services with renewable energy compliance.

Our Certificate

We’ll help you brand your products and services with an audited, certified recognition of your renewable energy footprint.

    We certify all forms of renewable energy:
  • Solar
  • Biogas
  • Wind
  • Geothermal
  • Hydro electric