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Recognizing your commitment to


The Chamber of Renewable Energy™ membership program provides access to 100CORE™ accredited renewable energy solution providers for your organisation.

Our partners offer solutions to reduce your energy costs, improve your bottom line and stamp your products and services renewable with the 100CORE™ certification seal. Independent compliance certificate issuers offer measurement and verification of usage for potential tax compliance and carbon credit calculations. 100CORE™ offers global recognition as part of your commitment to sustainable production. Be recognised as part of the global climate change solution, not the problem.

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Clean Energy Makes
Business Sense

Renewable is profitable for your operations, and increasingly expected as part of your business

With a vast reduction in installation costs and technological improvements, it is time to reduce your carbon footprint and put money back into your business's bottom line. Worldwide utility prices are on a constant upward trajectory and damaging overall profitability. Take back your energy independence with a sustainable solution and improve your sales with the 100CORE™ renewable certification.

For your


    More and more people and companies are taking ownership of their energy sources.
  • Mitigate risk, by lessening your dependence on increasingly unpredictable power supply.
  • Future-proof your supply chain from unpredictable energy price increases.
  • Don’t throw away energy, reduce your costly environmental impact, turn waste into profit and certify your operations 100CORE™ renewable energy compliant.

For your


    Your customers want it.
  • Renewables are an increasingly competitive part of the global energy solution.
  • Energy prices are predicted to increase at above inflation rates globally, eliminate business risk with pricing certainty.
  • Increased earnings potential from conscientious consumers, at home and abroad.
  • Don't be left out, consumers demand responsibly produced products. Failure to be compliant could lead to a loss in your organization's profitability.
  • Compliance of renewable energy usage will facilitate carbon credit calculations, lower your energy costs and offers potential tax relief.



    Consumers are choosing environmentally-healthy products, made with renewable power.
  • Lead the change in consumer purchasing behavior.
  • Clean energy means increased brand value, and earnings potential.
  • Certify your renewable energy usage for consumers to see.
  • Your brand will be recognised as a committed participant to prevent climate change through sustainable and responsible production.



    Sustainable energy means a global pedigree.
  • Join the global renewable register and become known to be a leader in sustainable production.
  • We offer renewable energy usage measurement, and will connect you seamlessly to the world-wide carbon credit programs.
  • Enable global compliance, and further sales reach with the 100CORE™ renewable energy seal.
  • Usage measurement can assist with future tax relief.
  • Failing to act to consumer demands could lead to a decline in profit. Change for the environment and boost your bottom line.
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Why Promote Clean

Get the good way you work recognised.

Your Customers are Going Green

    Customers are savvy to renewable energy, and are spending accordingly.
  • Customers are demanding sustainably-sourced products and services.
  • Customers expect clean energy to be part of your model.
  • Elevate your social footprint, and certify your responsible energy usage

Stand Out from the Crowd

    Be part of the solution, not the problem.
  • Demonstrate your market leadership.
  • Dissociate from the dirty energy consumers of today.
  • Endorse your social responsibility initiatives by giving them audited legitimacy.
  • Renewable is expected as part of the sustainable production chain.
  • Your future customers are the world's children, they will inherit what we leave behind. Sustainability is our obligation to them.
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Certify your products as renewably-

Use the 100CORE™ certification seal on your products or services. Identifying your organisation a willing participant to prevent climate change.

Customers are identifying and buying products made in a sustainable way, be recognised for your commitment.
Memberships range from voluntary free for individuals to paid subscribers for access to our online global audit facilities and registration processes. They are:

#1 Produced With Renewable Energy
#2 Sourced From Renewable Energy
#3 100% Renewable Energy
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Our certification process

We enable your company to be verified and vetted for renewable energy usage, online

By being a paid up compliant subscriber you are able to receive your unique certificate to mark your products as renewable energy compliant.